LOWRA= Lake Of The Woods Repeater Association Inc.

This page is going to have items that are related to the official business of the L.O.W.R.A. Club it will include any activities that the club is planning as well as other pert ant information to the members of the Club. Please check back from time to time to see any changes made

Leland Hendrickson (President) Leland_KC0IGT@wiktel.com- Art Johnson (Vice President) n0mho@lowra.com - David Landby (Treasurer) jlandby@wiktel.com - Connie Johnson (secretary) rags@wiktel.com


A testing session can be held every month, just let one of us know your plan.

Special meeting held

A special LOWRA (Lake of the Woods Repeater Association) club meeting was held at the Patch Restaurant in Warroad, on February 11 at 9 a.m., to discuss solutions for the interference problem with the 147.000- repeater in Roosevelt. The repeater has been keying up very often over the last month or so. I (Art) thought it was a receiver problem, so I built a complete new repeater and scrapped the old radio. The problem did not change; the repeater continued to key up all the time. There were only a couple things we could do to keep the repeater on line and useful. The only viable choice from my perspective was to enable the sub-audible (CTCSS) tone squelch on the receiver.


 We all had breakfast, and then voted on the choices for the 147.000- repeater. It was decided to enable the tone squelch of 123.0 Hz. The vote was 100% for enabling the CTCSS tone, this making the repeater closed. I will reprogram the Voice ID to indicate the tone frequency so people from outside the area will know what the tone frequency is. The meeting was attended by the following LOWRA members:


Art Johnson

Dave Landby

Bill Landby

Mick Everett

Richard Mattson

Rolland Fredrickson

Leland Hendrickson

Lenard Moen (by E-Mail)

Aaron Citrowski (by E-Mail)



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